4562 tax course summer midterm and

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4562 tax course summer midterm and

Uses of accounting information; collection, processing, and communication of accounting information; measurement of assets, liabilities, equities, and income; and accounting system design. May be repeated up to 4 hours for iMSA and online students that complete the first part of the course content in a 2-hour section part A and then complete the remainder of the class in a second 2-hour section part B.

Enrollment in graduate degree program or consent of department. In-depth study of accounting valuation processes, accounting income measurement, and special reporting problems of multiple-entity organizations.

Introduction to management accounting as part of the firm's information system, in terms of modern cost accounting and budgetary systems for planning and controlling business operations.

Introduction to conceptual and applied material in the field of auditing. Emphasizes the audit process, reporting, and professional responsibilities. Introduction to historical and conceptual as well as applied material in the accounting area of federal taxation; emphasizes the provisions of the tax law relevant to accounting measurement methods.

Financial accounting principles related to entities other than the "single" corporate entity. These other organizational forms include the consolidated corporate entity and the partnership entity. Topics include consolidated financial statements, intra-entity asset transactions, segment and interim reporting, foreign currency transactions and hedging foreign exchange risk, translating foreign currency financial statements, formation and operation of partnerships, and the development of worldwide financial reporting standards.

This course provides an introduction to the U. Stakeholders' needs for reliable and relevant information about the performance of firms, as well as managers; economic self-interests, influence managers' selection of accounting policies and financial reporting methods.

This course selectively surveys both academic research and professional standards to focus on the measurement, classification and disclosure of financial transactions. Cases, class discussion and research projects emphasize independent thinking, group processes, and communication. Application of the concepts of risk and uncertainty to the financial management of organizations in achieving business objectives and strategies, with an emphasis on the role of accounting measurement and reporting in the management of such risks.

4562 tax course summer midterm and

Focuses on integrating knowledge acquired from behavioral, economic, finance, and accounting perspectives. Data analytics incorporated into management decision making, including planning, cost management, and management control system design.

Focuses on developing your skills of gathering and analyzing data for internal decision making purposes. Enrollment in graduate accounting degree program or consent of department. Role of professional and ethical standards in the conduct of auditing and assurance services and the role of auditing and assurance services in corporate governance.

This course selectively surveys both academic and professional literature to focus on the conduct of auditing and assurance services. Cases, class discussion and research projects emphasize the importance of independent thinking, group processes, and communication for professional accounting practice.

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Examines tools and techniques of financial statement analysis from the perspective of investors and creditors; emphasizes theoretical and empirical properties of financial ratios. Introduction to fraud examination with an emphasis on financial statement fraud.

The course provides a comprehensive introduction to fraud examination. The topics addressed in the course include the unique characteristics of fraud examinations and a comparison to financial statement audits, the characteristics that should be possessed by fraud examiners, an overview of the fraud examination process, the nature and extent of fraud, an introduction to the taxonomy of financial statement frauds, techniques for evidence collection including interview techniques, Benford's law, and the development of fraud reports.

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You will soon know if it has worked, more tax cuts, more jobs and expect some paying down of the National Debt, with new money buying off old, which of course will require control of the money supply and that means control of inflation, but growth in base rate.

ABOUT GGU. Founded in in San Francisco, Golden Gate University offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business and management, accounting, taxation, and law. Index to IRS Tax Forms, Instructions and Publications Beginning in , the Internal Revenue Service began posting "information only" copies of Forms , , , and W-2, with Copy A appearing similar to the official IRS form.

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