An overview of the career field of fashion design

Place identity has been traditionally defined as a 'sub-structure of the self-identity of the person consisting of broadly conceived cognitions about the physical world in which the individual lives'. Through 'good' or 'bad' experiences with a place, a person is then able to reflect and define their personal values, attitudes, feelings and beliefs about the physical world. Place identity has been described as the individual's incorporation of place into the larger concept of self; a "potpourri of memories, conceptions, interpretations, ideas, and related feelings about specific physical settings, as well as types of settings".

An overview of the career field of fashion design

Our students become creative thinkers and skilled makers in an inter-disciplinary educational environment, which provides the critical knowledge and expertise to re-imagine new contexts that challenge traditional structures and assumptions guiding art and design practice.

The MAD program promotes the highest level of research, resulting in proven innovation that informs emerging media platforms and product development.

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The program encourages graduate students to apply design thinking and innovative technologies in new directions through research, experimentation, creative production, and entrepreneurship. Graduate students are also expected to create, present and interpret their work with the intellectual expertise and refined skills required to become leaders in their professional field.

Students in the MAD program engage in rigorous research and studio-intensive coursework which supports a critical perspective in art and design that is intellectually, conceptually, and technically insightful and experimental. Experimental Media Arts challenges experienced and self-driven students to find new and exciting intersections between storytelling, animation and kinetic and experimental interactions.

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Students underpin the products and experiences that they are designing with intensive research regarding theory, practice and technology. The MAD aims to create leading practitioners that are working to shape the future of the field from both an experiential and technological perspective. Students in the program have the option of doing a final project or more theoretical and research-based paper or study.

Current digital design and animation offer capabilities and opportunities to create new forms of narrative and performance. The MAD program encourages students to explore new narrative and interactive forms of storytelling to create meaningful experiences. The future of design experiences is about integration of the physical and digital—as hybridization or new invention.

The MAD program encourages students to explore both the material and experiential nature of the integration between these two mediums. The visibility and interactivity with traditional interfaces is transforming dramatically and rapidly.

The MAD program encourages experimentation with interactive that moves beyond traditional scopes and into immersive, whole-body experiences. Exhibit Design and Interactive Architectures: Include Art and museum installations, location-based sound and visual narrative, navigation systems, physical interface design that enhance the experience based on the behavior of the user and their surrounding environment.

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Mechatronics and Electronic Art: Through the combination of precision engineering, electronic control, sensory inputs, information design, and intelligent systems and haptic and sensory feedback the MAD program explores a variety of possibilities in these fields.

Computer Gaming and Serious Games: Focused on the creation and application of training models and simulations to balance adaptive learning with natural learning environments used with commercial game companies, simulation developers, and technologies that create immersive learning environments.

Video documentary, educational and promotional film New technologies in design research and practice: How new technologies are impacting the human world—culturally, socially, economically, politically, experientially and myriad other ways. Director of Graduate Programs.Pros & Cons of a Career As a Mechatronic Engineer.

Mechatronics combines mechanical engineering and electronics.

An overview of the career field of fashion design

It focuses on the development and manufacture of products such as video cameras, airplanes and automobiles, all of which use mechanical components that are controlled by electronics and computer programs.

Art + Design is a creative discipline at NC State College of Design; Undergraduate & Graduate degrees: Experimental Media Arts, Fashion and Fibers, and New Practices in A+D Research.

An overview of the career field of fashion design

Art + Design develops makers . Many fashion designers have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as fashion design or fashion merchandising. Employers usually seek applicants with creativity, as well as a good technical understanding of the production process for clothing, accessories, or footwear.

BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear will develop the core skills of researching, designing, pattern cutting and realisation of womenswear, .

This book provides a great overview of the theories and models that shaped the field of instructional design up through the 70's. It is a popular primer and reference guide for the field.

There are no other top colleges for photography quite like the New York Film Academy (NYFA). With a passionate focus on the practical elements of photography, NYFA empowers students to master not only the essential photography basics taught by any other good photography schools, but also the technical and business practices that will set them apart in their professional photography career.

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