Banning fireworks essay

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Banning fireworks essay

Debates Should fireworks be banned?

Banning fireworks essay

Millions of people are planning to attend fireworks displays celebrating Guy Fawkes Night. But given the environmental damage they cause, should fireworks be banned by the government?

Aluminium produces the bright white colours, while antimony sulphide produces the glittering shimmers.

The bright blues are created by copper compounds, while the green colours are produced by barium nitrate. The red colours are manufactured using strontium. Scientists have linked a number of these with health disorders.

Fireworks are dangerous and a nuisance.

When people living near Disneyland — famed for its nightly fireworks spectaculars — begun complaining about breathing problems, scientists in New Mexico found a way of replacing the chemical accelerants with compressed air.

But this is too expensive to be commercially viable. Opponents claim the displays also cause considerable disruption to wildlife and household pets. In addition to the environmental problems, the health and safety risks — or at least the bureaucracy associated with them — have caused many organisers to cancel their traditional celebrations.

The Royal College of Optometrists claims that 10 people a year lose their sight through fireworks, and in the last year in which statistics were recorded the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents found that almost 1, people were injured by fireworks. What do you think? Should fireworks be banned or is it important that we are allowed to celebrate bonfire night in traditional fashion?Banning Fireworks Essay Banning Fireworks Roberto Diaz COMM/ January 10, Dr.

January Riddle Banning Fireworks. Fireworks are used for special events in the whole world, a lot of people have unlimited access to buy fireworks. Nov 04,  · I am in favour of banning fireworks sales to consumers, the general public..

I like fireworks. I know that in responsible hands, they are mostly safe. Mostly - . The only possible argument that I can think of against banning fireworks is that it infringes on people's liberties. According to this argument, if people are prepared to accept the risks involved in using fireworks then they should be allowed to do so.

The thing is that the government routinely limits our liberties for our own safety. Nov 05,  · Fireworks produce brilliant coloured displays, but they also create a shower of toxic chemicals. Aluminium produces the bright white colours, while antimony sulphide produces the .

Banning selling fireworks to the public seems to be the only option we have left. Another case of a few ignorant kids spoiling things for the whole community. Banning fireworks in China In my childhood memories, China was a beautiful place.

There were big clouds and a clear sky just like America, but now it s.

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