Discuss how organizational structure and conflict relate to each other and provide an example

Since conflict has both positive as well as negative connotations and consequences, it must be looked into and managed for organizational benefit.

Discuss how organizational structure and conflict relate to each other and provide an example

Conflict can occur between two or more individuals, two or more groups, or an individual and a group. When dealing with conflict in an organization, it is important to remember to address the issue, not the people. Types of conflict that can occur in any organization include unclear definitions of role responsibility, conflict of interest, lack of resources and interpersonal relationships within the workplace.

Definition of Responsibility Unclear When it is unclear who is responsible for what area of a project or task, conflict can occur. Territorial issues arise when decisions are made that appear to cross boundaries of responsibility. To prevent this from happening it is imperative that the roles and responsibilities of all the players are spelled out clearly and agreed upon by everyone involved before the project is started.

Conflict of Interest Understanding how personal interests and goals fit within the structure of the organization will alleviate conflict of interest problems.

Discuss how organizational structure and conflict relate to each other and provide an example

When an individual's personal goals are at odds with the goals of the organization, the individual may be tempted to fight for his personal goals, creating a conflict situation that will hamper success of the project.

Competition for Resources Competition for resources, including money, time and materials, will cause the teams to undercut each other, leading to conflict between departments or other work groups.

Valuable resources need to be protected, as well as distributed fairly among all the groups. Starting out a project with a clear picture of the resources available will help waylay some of this conflict. Interpersonal Relationships The personalities of the people involved in the organizational structure play an important part in conflict resolution.

Often the conflict is a result of interpersonal relationships where the parties to the conflict are unable to resolve personal issues with each other.

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It is not always easy to set aside personal prejudices when entering the workplace, but it is important to recognize what those prejudices are and deal with them before conflict arises.In other words, the coalition has to be established de facto for the structure to mean anything.

If the structure is out of line with the coalition, . Your organizational structure can help or hurt project success To a lesser degree, your organizational structure can get in the way of, or help support, the overall success of your projects. The organizational structure of Toyota may give us some insight into the handling of this crisis and ideas for the most effective way for Toyota to move forward.

A conflict such as this has the ability to paralyze productivity but if. May 22,  · Discuss How Organizational Structure and Conflict Relate To Each Other, and Provide An Example May 22 Today, we will discuss organizational structure, types of conflicts, and how organizational structure and conflict relate to each other.

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Business strategy is a practical plan for achieving an organization's mission and objectives. Organizational structure is the formal layout of a company's hierarchy.

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