Edward jenner essay

About Edward Jenner Biography Edward Jenner 17 May — 26 January was an English doctor who helped create and popularise a vaccination for smallpox. The son of a local vicar, he was interested in natural history and medicine from an early age. Aged 14, he began his training to be a doctor in Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire before completing his training in London. In his spare time, he pursued his study of native wildlife and also followed any new developments in medical science.

Edward jenner essay

Tim Wallington Berkeley, Gloucestershire www. Jenner was born and died in Berkeley, in the Severn vale, rich farming country then as it is now.

He lived and worked there for most of his life as the local surgeon. His unique legacy is the formal discovery and promotion of vaccination; immunisation against smallpox through infection with cow pox. This is epitomised in the many pictures that are to be found of Jenner vaccinating an 8 year old, James Phipps, with matter taken from a pustule on the hand of a young woman also in the picture, Sarah Nelmes who had active cow pox.

Six weeks later James proved resistant to infection with small pox proper. I intend dividing this talk into four: The Severn Vale is important to our story as it is cattle country; it is now and was then.

The Jenners were successful business people and moved up the social scale. He became vicar of Berkeley in his living the gift of the Earl of Berkeley. He married in the same year and there were 9 children, 6 surviving to adulthood, Edward was number 8.

Edward was born in the vicarage in Berkeley in not the current vicarage, the house concerned was demolished many years ago. Both of his parents died within two months of each other when he was just five. He was left in the care of his three sisters, the eldest nineteen.

His brothers were at Oxford studying to join the church. Aged eight he was sent to Wooton-under-Edge Grammar School.

He was only at this school for one year but during that time he was variolated by the local surgeon, Mr Holbrow as there was an out break of smallpox in the town. Variolation is deliberate inoculation with smallpox, usually in childhood to avoid later natural infection.

However variolation did kill and it had another significant disadvantage if not properly handled, it spread smallpox.

Edward jenner essay

The story of the introduction of variolation to England holds lessons. Lady Mary Wortley is usually accredited with bringing this practice to the UK in but inEmanuele Timoni, reported on variolation, to the Royal Society in However Lady Mary was charismatic and well connected.

She had come across variolation while in Constantinople with her husband who was ambassador and had one of her children variolated there.

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She was the friend of aristocrats including royalty and this was important to variolation becoming accepted in Britain. Princes Caroline of Wales, asked Hans Sloane in to conduct a trial of the procedure before accepting it for her children. This was conducted on prisoners from Newgate and confirmed its efficacy as well as relative safety.

This was quite possibly the first formal clinical trial. Royal support later proved important to the take up of vaccination.Edward Jenner. Oil painting. Icongraphic Collections Keywords: J.W.

Chandler; Edward Jenner. Digital image. Wellcome images. Creative Commons Attribution, 7 Sept.

Edward jenner essay

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The English physician Edward Jenner found that if experimental subjects were deliberately infected with cowpox, which caused only a mild illness, they are immune from smallpox.

A. which caused only a mild illness, they are immune from. In , Edward Jenner revised variolation into vaccination by substituting the viral material with cowpox.

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Immunity thus transformed in the Romantic period from a passive to an active condition 3: it could be actively induced by the deliberate introduction of infectious material into the body. Edward Jenner Homework Help. edward jenner homework help Edward Jenner Homework Help.

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