Four distinct stages planning design construction and completion

We can assist on projects from early planning stages, through funding acquisition, design, permitting, construction services, and on-going operational assistance. Annapolis Daycare Center Annapolis, Maryland Renovations of an existing office to a daycare facility for children, ages In addition to the operational requirements for the daycare, design challenges inherent to altering the existing space included maintaining utilities located at the four interior structural columns which serve upper floors; the inclusion of a fenced, outdoor play area; and providing a drop-off area and a direct, controlled access to both the daycare and the outdoor play area. Lutheran Village at Harbor Pointe Salisbury, Maryland The design was accomplished for three separate building types; single, duplex and quadplex, two separate unit types of independent living units, and a 25, SF activities center.

Four distinct stages planning design construction and completion

Each of these stages is discussed below in more detail. Concept All construction projects begin with planning and design, also referred to as "architectural programming.

An architect is the primary designer of a building or project and controls the overall design, specifications, finished materials e. In addition, the architect supervises the engineers responsible for the structural, mechanical, electrical, lighting and plumbing design of the building.

Engineers must always conform to the design requirements of the architect. Each member of the design team must also be licensed with the proper state licensing authorities where the facility is located. The primary activities, for which the project is being constructed, as well as the relationships between spaces, are reviewed.

Consideration is also given to how well the completed project relates to adjacent buildings if any and its surroundings. The preliminary programming produces a list of solutions, alternatives, feasibility studies and costs estimates.

After a review of the programming statement, schematic plans are prepared. Schematic Plans Schematic plans are the first plans of a facility and show the interrelationship between spaces and activities. All of the parties architects, engineers, and the client review the schematic plans and make recommendations, as necessary.

Any changes are then incorporated into the final schematic plans. Revised schematic plans are also known as "preliminary plans," and provide a graphic view of the project, the refined details of how the project will look, and the relationship of all spaces.

Once the preliminary planning phase is complete, the project then enters a stage involving the preparation of contract bid documents and working drawings. Contracts and Bid Documents In order to solicit construction bids, the builder must provide potential bidders with working drawings and plans for the proposed structure, as well as project specifications, the terms of which are spelled out in contracts.

Four distinct stages planning design construction and completion

The drawings illustrate, among other things, the appearance, layout, equipment, and amenities of the project. The architect also begins to gather project data to deal with problems or situations that are expected to arise during the construction process, such as local zoning requirements, local infrastructure, traffic, environmental and population impact, acoustic, energy, lighting, and aesthetic considerations.

Various consulting engineers may also be utilized to solve specific project problems. Numerous drawing plans are involved in a construction project, including the following. Architectural Plans The architectural plans indicate the layout of the project, such as floor plans, elevations, and details of the construction and architectural finishes.

These plans are typically numbered sequentially with the prefix "A" for "architectural. These plans also indicate the length, width and various heights of the structure and floor elevations. Plans may show notes of specific construction information and may also contain details on a specific portion of work.

Exterior elevations show the exterior and the exterior finishes, and are similar to photographs of the exterior. Architectural schedules on the plans indicate the door types, windows, hardware, plumbing, and light fixtures in each room.When it comes to building your dream log cabin, the design of your cabin plan is an essential ingredient..

Not all plans are designed equal Cabins come in many different sizes, shapes, styles and configurations. The design of your log home can help to maximise living space and reduce unnecessary effort during the notching and building phases.

The following is a general guide to appropriate fee structures for services, which may be provided by the various consultants. As a result of changing priorities or funding availability, project development may not .

Start studying Construction Unit #2. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Name the four fundamental stages of the construction management process after the design stage.

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o Pre-construction - planning cleanup, owner move-in. What are the four distinct stages of the design process? o. Planning & Architectural Programming During the initial stages of the design process, the architect(s) and engineer(s) have a number of client meetings in order to determine the purpose and objective of the proposed construction.

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The primary activities, for which the project is being constructed, as well as the relationships between spaces, are. Strategic Partners Shangri-La Construction takes pride in developing long-term alliances with individuals and institutions that have unique, multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience.

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