Gender and girl child

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Gender and girl child

Discrimination Against the Girl Child Quick Facts Female children in particular are subjected to multiple forms of oppression,exploitation, and discrimination due to their gender.

United Nations statistics, national reports and studies initiated by non-governmental organizations repeatedly show that girls, as a group, have lower literacy rates, receive less health care, and are more often impoverished than boys. Forms of discrimination against girl children are numerous and vary depending on the traditions, history, and culture of a particular society.

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In our work to improve the condition of girls, Youth Advocate Program International focuses on three life-threatening practices that impact the lives of millions of girl children — female infanticide, female genital cutting, and honor killing.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child CRC defines a child as a person under the age of 18 unless national laws recognize the age of majority earlier.

The age of 18 is now accepted as the world standard, since every country has ratified the CRC except Somalia and the United States.

Although YAP International specifically advocates for ending discrimination against girls, we realize efforts to curtail gender discrimination must include strategies that continue to support women when they reach and pass age This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Female Infanticide and Sex-Selective Abortion Female infanticide is the murder of a young girl child, often occurring as a deliberate murder of a girl infant or young girl child or as the result of neglect.

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Selective abortion — also called gender-selective abortion, sex-selective abortion, or female feticide — is the abortion of a fetus because it is female. Medical technology has made it possible for parents to discover the sex of a fetus at earlier and earlier stages of pregnancy, so many women from communities with a preference for boys practice selective abortion.

These practices occur most frequently in societies where a girl child is viewed as culturally and economically less advantageous than a boy child.

Gender and girl child

Female infanticide and feticide are predominantly practiced in regions of significant poverty and overpopulation.

One reason boys are more valued than girls is preserving lineage, as family lineage and family name are carried only by males in most societies. Also, children are expected to care for parents in their old age in many countries, so raising a son becomes a better investment because once a girl marries, she becomes the property of her husband and of virtually no value to her parents.

Some women resort to female infanticide and feticide in order to protect their daughters from a life of objectification and subjugation in a society dominated by men, where there is a prevalent anti-girl attitude.

Economically, girls often have a lower earning potential than boys, as boys are more likely to find work and receive higher pay. This is significant in poor communities where each family member is expected to add to the household income. In many situations, it is much more of an economic burden to raise a girl, as many cultures require religious and social ceremonies for girls but not boys.

Mothers are not the only perpetrators of female infanticide and feticide, as more dominant members of the immediate family, such as the husband or mother-in-law, often encourage or carry out the deed.

In addition, women may experience pressure from members of their community, possibly facing physical abuse, disownment from their husband or parents, and homelessness if they choose to keep a child against the direction of others. India continues the practice of dowry, although illegal, which makes female children especially undesirable as large sums of money must be paid at the time of marriage.

For this reason, female infanticide is especially prevalent in rural areas and among lower castes. They have contributed to the dramatic change in the ratio of men to women in some countries.Discrimination against the Girl Child.

While children around the world continue to face various forms of adversity in the 21 st century, girl children in particular are subjected to multiple forms of oppression, exploitation, and discrimination due to their gender. Wondering whether you're having a boy or girl? Our Chinese Gender Predictor tries to determine your baby's sex based on an ancient Chinese gender chart and the Chinese lunar calendar, using your age and when you got pregnant.

Gender and girl child

Four-fold decline in gender gap in survival of girl child in 5 years in India: UN The number of infant deaths has come down from lakh in to lakh in Oct 11,  · The treatment of the girl child differs from country to country, or even from region to region.

One of the most glaring examples of the disadvantaged treatment of the girl child is . While a child's gender-specific behavior (i.e.

gender expression) at any time seems to be influenced by exposure to stereotypes and their identification with the people in their lives, the internal sense of being a girl, boy, in between or something else (i.e.

gender identity) cannot be changed. Oct 05,  · The proud parents of three boys, ages 7, 6, and 2, the couple "wanted a fourth child, and wondered if there was any way to slant the odds in favor of having a girl—to have the experience of Author: Laura Flynn Mccarthy.

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