Indias growth story

April 11,7: Yes, possibly, but more is needed.

Indias growth story

Search India at That is the biggest achievement of our 70 years of Independence opinion Updated: Aug 15, Its industrial sector accounts for When India gained Independence in its population numbered about million.

That is a huge shift in numbers, and a hugely impressive achievement. Never before in history have so many people moved from one side to the other. True our numbers are staggering and only one other country can be a yardstick.

InChina also has a population of about 1. Both India and China lifted almost a billion people each from ignorance of the word to modest knowledge.

The Indian Growth Story

China employed a highly mobilised system of government with no restraints Indias growth story coercion to achieve this, while India did it under a system of voluntary compliance.

That is to my mind the biggest achievement of our 70 years of Independence. InIndia accounts for 8. What is more important is that internal resources drive a good part of this growth.

India produced about 50 million tonnes of food grains in and produces five times that now. Clearly these are big achievements and only the churlish will not give credit where it is due.

More importantly famine has become a rare occurrence in India. In the last great famine India experienced intwo million people died in Bengal. By contrast in the famine of Bihar there were no starvation deaths. India has not experienced a famine of that magnitude again.

Where credit is due, much blame is also due. Inthe number of people below that same poverty line of 2, calories a day is about million, though the incidence has fallen to about It still has too many people living off the land.

Land is finite, but population is not. ByIndia will have a population over about 1. If India were to be horizontally sliced by income, it can be said to be three overlaid countries.

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The one below is akin to sub-Sahelian Africa, another to the South East Asian neighbourhood barring Singapore and the topmost layer enjoying the lifestyles and living standards of a middling European nation.

How did we do in these seven decades of Independence? Clearly we have done better than most. If you factor the human cost in China, we probably did better than all. InIndia chose to be a full democracy and a nation of equals. It ordained itself to have a government by popular choice with an attendant political economy and all the implied pitfalls.

Our founding fathers decided that in such a diverse country all aspirations needed to be heard and reconciled. Our giant neighbour to the north chose a system where choices were limited to a few. About that choice, Robert Frost said it best:There is no clear timeline of when things changed, but one of the first cow-vigilantism videos to go viral was of four Dalits (members of an oppressed caste who used to be treated as “untouchables”) chained to a car in Gujarat state and beaten mercilessly.

At the time of Independence India accounted for only 3% of the world’s GDP or about Rs lakh-crore. In , India accounts for % of WGDP (source IMF) or about Rs lakh-crore.

Indias growth story

Nov 08,  · Steel sector growth may top GDP numbers: Metallurgists' body 5 Nov, , PM IST. The official of Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) also said long and short-term demand outlook for the sector remains robust with many government initiatives and global cues. India development update: India's growth story (English) Abstract.

India has achieved much in the last 25 years. Since the early s, when reforms began, growthrates have been higher and more stable, the economy has become more modern and globally integrated,macroeconomic stability has improved, and the average citizen.

India’s economic diplomacy bounced back to center stage this week after a prolonged absence of more than three years, when it made a robust appearance at the World Economic Forum (WEF) meet in Davos, Switzerland, on Tuesday and New Delhi hosted a .

The Incredible India Growth Story. Some facts have changed as of today, but rests are pretty accurate. I am not the author of the Presentation, and It was posted in a public forum.

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