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Using the term "Dreamtime" and expecting there to be no difference between cultures let alone individuals is as absurd as expecting to find no disagreement between Martin Luther King and Fred Phelps, since they are both considered "Christians". It may still have some value, but not until more research is done and disseminated.

West Geelong Geelong Victoria Australia, Available as a PDF, Google it. The Dreamtime still exists and can be accessed for spiritual purposes. Can somebody explain how these 3 excerpts from the article can be true at the same time.

How can the Dreamtime still exist when it has vanished? Is the Dreamtime really an era in time which has finished, or is it rather some sort of parallel space-time concept? In a culture without writing or printing, the dreamtime is any time before living memory.

Try working out what the trinity is supposed to be all about, or the hypostatic union, then come back and criticise the dreamtime. Moved this link off the article: Music to Dream to: Similar to say Greco-Roman mythology, or the Old Testament notion of God, where gods interact with mankind, rather than being distant.

I could be wrong. I think this is pretty clear in the article, which seems excellent to me by the way. They encode information about the terrain - where the waterholes are, where to find food etc.

The men traditionally hold these stories secret. It relates to the actual terrain. There is no way around this - it is a permanent and intractable problem.

The future for Australia’s Aboriginal people – DON AITKIN

It furthermore leaves no role for the menfolk to occupy, causing a variety of social ills. The first two paragraphs and first sentence of the third are pretty much NPOV and I think an accurate description. This passage can be saved, someone just needs to fix up some of the inaccuracies.

This is in the converse of the European concept which views dreams as subjective and linear time as objective" This would be correct if the aboriginals were actually speaking of what we call dreams, but what was pointed out most astutely in the line before is that " Indigenous Australians considered the Everywhen of the Dreaming to be objective" as do what western culture describes as abstract thought.

Aristotle makes the very same observation when he predicates truth statements on abstract cultural universals and deems the particular experience of the individual as subjective and less real than objective universal abstract thought in much the same way as the Australian aboriginal.

Journal back to the dreamtime

Abstract universal cultural themes, as Plato asserted, seem more real than inductive experience. Before anything can be said to exist it must have the potential to exist.

Potential has no substance and nor does a dream. Potentials represent ideas, possibilities or a blueprint for what can be. Given energy potentials can be actualised. When a potential is fullfilled it is no longer a potential but an actuality.DreamTime is a publication of IASD which provides information and a forum for IASD members.

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Writing in The Journal of Religion, Gail Hinich claimed that Duerr's Dreamtime had a "maverick whimsy and passion" that stemmed from its argument that Western society had unfairly forced the "otherworld" into "an autistic tyranny of the self".

Talk:Dreamtime Jump to that said, some of the content may be salvageable and re-added back into the article if it is rewritten in a npov-style. clarkk , 17 Feb (UTC) Stated in Alcheringa (journal) to be Arrernte language (specifically Arunta).

Back to top. Task To better understand the Aborigine culture and its people, you will be absorbing yourself in some of their ideas and stories. Keep a Dreamtime Journal in Microsoft Word to respond to the questions and prompts below (label each response to keep them organized). At the end. mission statement: international association for the study of dreams is a non-profit, international, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to the pure and applied investigation of dreams and dreaming.

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