Math 131

An Introduction to College Mathematics. Syllabus This course will give students the mathematical literacy necessary for success in today's highly technological society.

Math 131

Average on TF questions: Hardly anyone believed that there was a covering map from the three-fold torus to the two-fold torus. Obviously this question wasn't completely fair; the way to visualize the covering map is to take a 3-holed torus, with the holes arranged in a row.

Now rotate the torus around the central hole. The quotient space under this rotation is a 2-holed torus. Congratulations to the student who correctly calculated guessed?

Pretty much decided on grading scheme. Finally finished grading one exam completely. Perhaps time for dinner? Getting close to half way. The later questions are rather sparsely done, but I'm quite impressed by the care some of you have shown in tackling some of the subtleties, especially early on.

Total points awarded for Problem 12 is 1. Every problem was solved by someone, except for Problems 3 c9 and Many scored 3 or 4 on Problem 9.

For 3 cmany got the answer, but I was not completely convinced by anyone's proof.

Math 131

I'm not allowed to tell you your final grade, but if you email me I can tell you roughly how you did on the final exam.Homework List. Lab Review for Exam 1. Solution for Lab Review Exam 1. Practice Questions for Exam 1. Solutions for Practice Questions for Exam 1.

Prerequisite(s): “C” or better in MATH or ACT score of 27 or above, or on the COMPASS Trigonometry Placement Test. Student will not receive credit for both MATH and Note(s): Placement into mathematics courses is based upon placement scores, ACT scores, or a grade of “C” or better in the prerequisite course.

Math 's Home PAGE. Some Interesting Mathematical Sites. World of Mathematics; Math Pilgrimage Sites; Mathematical Fun; Calculus Shrines; Number Theory; Combinatorics.

Mathematical Quotations. G.H. Hardy's Quotations; Mathematical Quotations Server. Ghidewon Abay Asmerom Department of Mathematical Sciences Oliver Hall Rm# , W. MATH - MATH CONCEPTS CALCULUS free online testbank with past exams and old test at Texas A&M (A&M). Grades for ECON and ECON (or ECON ), MATH , MATH (or its equivalent), and the Business Foundation Subjects will be used in calculating .

Math , Lecture 1 Charles Staats 26 September 1 Introduction Loosely speaking, there are two sides to mathematics: the ideas an d the tech-nical skills. Most people who say that they hate math have probably g otten hung up on the technical side.

And it is an unfortunate fact that th e technical.

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