Mgt 230 management and leadership presentation

How do you tell stories through art and technology? At your disposal are industry-level technology, systems and software. But stretch the boundaries of your creativity and you have something more powerful in your hands:

Mgt 230 management and leadership presentation

Refer to the instructor's course syllabus for details about any supplies that may be required. Objectives Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to: Describe human factors that influence HIS design and usability. Explain requirements engineering for data gathering and interpretation methods.

Articulate common usability errors in HIS design and the importance and key components of usability evaluation methods. Summarize the selection, evaluation and certification processes of commercial electronic health records EHR systems.

Describe the functionality of EHR system components. Compare and assess system and database architectures employed by different EHR systems. Describe vendor strategies for terminology management, knowledge management and data exchange. Discuss EHR system capabilities and customizability of different EHR systems and principles of usability and design, including data input and information visualization.

Evaluate training and go-live strategies of different EHR vendors in terms of impact on cost, workflow and patient safety. Discuss mobile computing, context-sensitive applications and medical devices. Content Outline and Competencies: Human Factors, Design and Usability A.

Define the concept of cognitive engineering. Describe the representational effect as it applies to human computer interaction and web design.

Mgt 230 management and leadership presentation

Describe how humans process information and obtain skills. Describe the Gestalt principles of perception and their relevance to human computer interaction and cognitive theory.

Describe the processes of memory and their relationship to web design. Describe the cognitive constructs for mental representation.

Explain how cognition and human performance models should inform iterative design processes. Distinguish between human factors and human-computer interaction HCI as they apply to usability. Explain how cognitive, physical and organization ergonomics are applied to human factors engineering.

Describe how mental workload, selective attention and information overload affect usability. Describe the different dimensions of human error.

Describe a systems-centered approach to error and patient safety. Evaluate methods for measuring mental workload and information overload. Describe how human factors analysis can be applied to the study of medical devices. Explain the role of requirements gathering in usability evaluation.

Identify the uses, advantages and disadvantages of data collection methods used for requirements gathering.

Explain how to conduct a workflow analysis. Identify contextual design principles as they apply to the healthcare setting. Describe the methods to interpret results of data collection. Design and Usability Evaluation Methods A. Describe the importance of usability in relation to HIS.

Evaluate common usability errors in HIS design.

Mgt 230 management and leadership presentation

Describe ways in which HIS facilitates error reporting. Describe usability evaluation methods.In Arts Management, while you become proficient in art history, theory and criticism, you also learn the systems and technologies of institutions and businesses that run on creativity, art, and design.

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MGT Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Management and Leadership Presentation Imagine that your team is a group of experts in the principles of business leadership. You have been invited to present at a conference held for some of the top executives at Fortune companies.

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