Problems encountered by project managers

Much of the work that you do can be organized as a project.

Problems encountered by project managers

The Internet helped catapult Java to the forefront of programming and Java in turn has had a profound effect on the Internet. The reason is simple: Java expands the universe of objects that can move about freely in cyberspace.

In a network, there are two broad categories of objects transmitted between the Server and your Personal Computer: Such a program would be an active agent ton the client computer, yet the server would initiate it.

As desirable as dynamic, networked programs are, they also present serious problems in the areas of security and portability.

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Prior to Java cyberspace was effectively closed to half the entities that now live there. Java addresses these concerns and doing so, has opened the door to an exiting a new form of program.

The rise of server-side Java applications is one of the latest and most exciting trends in Java programming. It was first hyped as a language for developing elaborate client-side web content in the form of applets.

Now, Java is coming into its own as a language ideally suited for server-side development. The cross platform nature of Java is extremely useful for organizations that have a heterogeneous collection of servers running various flavors of the Unix of Windows operating systems.

Java Servlets are a key component of server-side java development. Servlets allow developers to extend and customize and Java enabled server a web server, a mail server, an application server, or any custom server with a hitherto unknown degree of portability, flexibility and ease. Based on the Java programming language, Java Server Pages offers proven portability, open standards, and a mature re-usable component model.

Dubbed the JSP engine, this support involves recognition, translation and management of the Java Server Pages lifecycle and its interaction with associated components.

The JSP engine for a particular server might be built-in or might be provided through a 3rd —party add-on. As long as the server on which you plan to execute the Java Server Pages supports the same specification level as that to which the file was written, no change should be necessary as you move your files from server to server.

Note, however, that instructions for the setup and configuration of the files may differ between files. The architecture also allows for the embedding of a scripting language directly into the Java Server Pages file.

Problems encountered by project managers

The components current supported include Java Beans and Serves. This means that scripting on the server side can take advantage of the full set of capabilities that the Java programming language offers.

It may have associated components in the form of. The use of components is not required. The Java Server Pages file has a. Before the page is served, the Java Server Pages syntax is parsed and processed into a servlet on the server side.

The servlet that is generated, outputs real content in straight HTML for responding to the customer.

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Because it is standard HTML, the dynamically generated response looks no different to the customer browser than a static response. A client request comes directly into a Java Server Page.

In this scenario, suppose the page accessed reusable Java Bean components that perform particular well-defined computations like accessing a database.

The page uses such Beans to generate dynamic content and present it back to the client. A request comes through a servlet. The servlet generates the dynamic content. To handle the response to the client, the servlet creates a Bean and stores the dynamic content sometimes called the result set in the Bean.

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The servlet then invokes a Java Server Page that will present the content along with the Bean containing the generated from the servlet. In both of the above cases, the page could also contain any valid Java code.

The Java Server Pages architecture separation of content from presentation- -it does not mandate it. For example, our application might present a menu of database tasks from which to choose.

After a task is selected, the application presents prompts and blanks for filling information needed to carry out the selected task.Project Pain Reliever: A Just-In-Time Handbook for Anyone Managing Projects. A news screen at the gym informed me that there are less than 30 hours left to go in !

In that spirit, it’s time for me to write my final article of the year. I’m going to revisit the most popular articles of the year. All of these articles attracted over 2, readers this calendar year. Related Posts.

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A Manager’s Biggest Burden, and 5 Ways to Deal with It One of the biggest surprises to new managers is the intense pressure to keep people working productively. This is especially true in a project environment like IT where employees aren’t doing the same thing day.

Project Pain Reliever is exactly that. The relief it delivers comes in the form of ideas and insight into the causes of difficulties on projects and immediately offers advice and solutions.

Problems encountered by project managers

How to answers interview questions about handling problems at work, including what to say and examples of the best way to respond. Whether managing one project or a group of Project Managers who manage multiple projects, the value of lessons-learned sharing and communication should not be undervalued.

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