Reaction paper on globalization essay

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Reaction paper on globalization essay

According to Friedman, the uniqueness of the current situation lies in the fact that for the first time in human history, individuals and small groups of people have obtained the opportunity to collaborate and compete in the global market as full-fledged producers and consumers of goods and services, while previously, globalization was basing mostly on states and later, on corporations Friedman Thus, in the contemporaneity, the whole planet is a single production field with the standardized operating rules Friedman The opposing viewpoint of William Duiker runs that globalization presents the fragmentation of the globe into the territories of two types.

Reaction paper on globalization essay

The first one may really include the globalized territories, which are a truly unified economic complex or areas of large urban agglomerations, and not just large urban agglomerations, but only those where the most advanced social, economic and scientific institutions are concentrated Duiker Globalized territories are transportation hubs, which at the same time involve large banks, leading universities, high-tech industry, developed urban infrastructure, etc.

However, the number of these territories is not that significant as it is presented by the theorists of globalization: The rest of the fragmented world are culturally non-globalized areas, which may be very different from deserts and large devastated agricultural areas up to remote regions of underdeveloped countriesbut the way they look like makes no interest to the process of globalization Duiker It may seem logic that the link between the contemporary culture and transformations shows that globalization processes create forces that both homogenize and differentiate identities in different parts of the world.

Cultural elements surely contribute to stabilizing the dominant order of the globalized world. Many researchers come to the common opinion that the nation and its culture are not just replaced by transnational cultures: Ideas, promoted through mass media made people afraid of cultural homogenization.

They try to get to grips with these external elements. Instead, the current globalization implies a form of homogenization and diversity: For several decades the creation of new local social forms as an answer to the process of globalization is taking place. In order to be meaningful to social actors, these new social meanings must be built on existing cultural schemes.

It becomes obvious that this tendency of reinvention of tradition and creation of new meanings is different from persisting local traditions. Thus, glocalization permits the opening up of a new theoretical understanding of social transformation and change.

After all, internal globalization means that large numbers of people around the globe are exposed to other cultures on a daily basis without crossing borders on a regular basis, simply through the variety of communication media. Furthermore, they might encounter immigrants, refugees or tourists in their own locality.

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Analyzing contemporary processes, we can formulate the central problem of human development: Crossing of the new threshold of dynamic complication by the most part of modern society, which caused globo-local variety filled with bifurcations, is predetermined by the nonlinearity of socio-cultural dynamics, characterized by the breaks of society and rhizome development and accompanied by the processes of globalization and fragmentation unfolding simultaneously.A REACTION PAPER demonstrates comprehension of the assigned readings and contain a critical and thoughtful reaction to the reading.

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