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Inabout Vehicle history reports provide customers with a record based on the vehicle's serial number VIN. These reports will indicate items of public record, such as vehicle title brandinglemon law buybacks, odometer fraudand product recall. An attempt to identify vehicles which have been previously owned by hire car rental agencies, police and emergency services or taxi fleets is also made.

What do i have to offer

Endnotes While millions of people have gained coverage through the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act ACAstate decisions not to implement the expansion leave many without an affordable coverage option.

Of 41 countries, only U.S. lacks paid parental leave

This expansion fills in historical gaps in Medicaid eligibility for adults and was envisioned as the vehicle for extending insurance coverage to low-income individuals, with premium tax credits for Marketplace coverage serving as the vehicle for covering people with moderate incomes.

While the Medicaid expansion was intended to be national, the June Supreme Court ruling essentially made it optional for states. As of June17 states had not expanded their programs.

Medicaid eligibility for adults in states that did not expand their programs is quite limited: Gap in Coverage for Adults in States that Do Not Expand Medicaid Under the ACA This brief presents estimates of the number of people in non-expansion states who could have been reached by Medicaid but instead fall into the coverage gap, describes who they are, and discusses the implications of them being left out of ACA coverage expansions.

An overview of the methodology underlying the analysis can be found in the Methods box at the end of the report, and more detail is available in the Technical Appendices available here. These individuals would be eligible for Medicaid had their state chosen to expand coverage. Adults left in the coverage gap are spread across the states not expanding their Medicaid programs but are concentrated in states with the largest uninsured populations.

More than a quarter of people in the coverage gap reside in Texas, which has both a large uninsured population and very limited Medicaid eligibility Figure 2. Seventeen percent live in Florida, eleven percent in Georgia, and nine percent in North Carolina.

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There are no uninsured adults in the coverage gap in Wisconsin because the state is providing Medicaid eligibility to adults up to the poverty level under a Medicaid waiver. Distribution of Adults in the Coverage Gap, by State and Region The geographic distribution of the population in the coverage gap reflects both population distribution and regional variation in state take-up of the ACA Medicaid expansion.

What do i have to offer

The South has relatively higher numbers of poor uninsured adults than in other regions, has higher uninsured rates and more limited Medicaid eligibility than other regions, and accounts for the majority 9 out of 17 of states that opted not to expand Medicaid.

The characteristics of the population that falls into the coverage gap largely mirror those of poor uninsured adults.

Several states that have large Black populations e. As a result, Blacks account for a slightly higher share of people in the coverage gap compared to the total poor adult uninsured population.

What do i have to offer

Demographic Characteristics of Adults in the Coverage Gap Nonelderly adults of all ages fall into the coverage gap Figure 3. Notably, over half are middle-aged age 35 to 54 or near elderly age 55 to Adults of these ages are likely to have increasing health needs, and research has demonstrated that uninsured people in this age range may leave health needs untreated until they become eligible for Medicare at age These individuals have known health problems that likely require medical attention.

Studies repeatedly demonstrate that uninsured people are less likely than those with insurance to receive preventive care and services for major health conditions and chronic diseases. Aboutuninsured children have a parent in the coverage gap data not shown.

Research has found that parent coverage in public programs is associated with higher enrollment of eligible children, 9 so these children may be hard to reach if their parents continue to be ineligible for coverage. The share of people in the coverage gap who are adults without dependent children versus parents varies by state see Table 1 due to variation in current state eligibility.Jan 18,  · National How sanctuary cities work, and how Trump’s blocked executive order could have affected them.

People who are single are changing the face of America. Did you know that: * More than 40 percent of the nation's adultsover 87 million peopleare divorced, widowed, or have always been single.

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